Back And Reloaded With Heart-Stopping Aerial Photos Of Your Wedding


I was sitting in a restaurant eating dinner with my spouse the day before Valentine’s day and to my right was an old photo. There on the wall was a brown and white picture of a few men standing around a crashed train. The caption below explained that this was taken back in the 20’s when a railway ran right through the middle of town. And just like streets and highways we have today, a crash had occurred.

This got me to thinking about how amazing the day in age we’re living in really is. I mean I’m now integrating new and awesome aerial footage. This technology was just science fiction back when that picture was taken.

I also wanted to drop a line on here just in case anybody was interested in trying it out. Would you like to be my new guinea pig? Want to get awesome images of your big day? Drop me a message on FB and let me know.

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