Some Alternatives to a Photo Booth


It seems like everyone invests in some kind of photo booth at their wedding. In fact, it has become so popular that it is now an expectation of a lot of guests. If you are looking to have a unique wedding and you really want your wedding to be memorable at all, you are going to want to consider some alternatives to a photo booth. Below, we will be going over some of the top alternatives.

Some Alternatives To a Photo Booth:

1. Polaroid or Instant Camera Photos.

If you really desire to have instant photos made, you can simply invest in some kind of Polaroid camera which can allow your guests to take their own pictures and put them into your guest book.

This is essentially going to be the same thing as having a photo booth rental in Missoula but you are going to have a much more creative way to go about it rather than doing what everyone else is doing.

2. Video Booth.

If you are loving the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding but you are looking to be much more creative, you might enjoy the idea of having some sort of video booth at it. This is going to allow you to really be able to get a lot of the same enjoyment that a photo booth would provide, but also supply you with even better content to look back on from your wedding. At these booths, your guests will be able to leave you and your loved on good wishes and even upload the videos onto various social networking websites.

3. Flip Book.

Another good idea that you can implement into your wedding that is much more creative and fun than a simple photo booth would be a flip book. There are various ways to go about this.

4. I Spy.

Another good idea that you can implement into your wedding would be I Spy. Ultimately, you would be creating a photo scavenger hunt where guests would have to take pictures of the bride and the groom, people having a fun time at the wedding, the food, and more. This is going to provide you with so many good photos that you can use in the future. You can even have the guests upload their photos on a photo share website which is going to allow you to really be able to enjoy all of your photos for years to come. This will allow you to catch the wedding and everything from different perspectives as well.

Overall, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. You are going to be able to have a great time when you invest in any of the ideas discussed above. While getting a photo booth might be fun for both you and the guests, it is likely something that has been done over and over again. It is very likely that both you and your guests would like to try something new. Therefore, you can try to implement any of the ideas discussed above to see whether or not it works better than renting a photo booth. After all, with a lot of the ideas above, you are going to be having a creative idea that you can be proud of and you might even be able to save a significant amount of money given the cost of renting a photo booth can be very expensive by itself. Be sure to consider all of the different ideas and you should be able to find the right one for your wedding.


Find The Best Printer For A Photo Booth


If you want to find the best printer for a photo booth you need to know how to do your research. You will find out here how to look up the information you need to know to find out if your printer will work with a booth or if you should go with something else.

You need to find out what will fit in the photo booth. There’s probably going to be a cutout section where you can see where the printer will fit or you will have to build your own area for it to sit on. You need to find a printer that is going to work with it that has the right kind of photo paper as well. Do some research on how big the printers are and you can probably find one that is the right size for your booth.

You are going to need to find out how to get enough paper and a printer with the right kind of ink to make this worth your while. If it costs you more to supply your booth with paper and ink than you make with the booth then it’s not worth it. It can be a little tough to come up with the best printer but you can ask some people that also own photo boots if you know anybody or you can just look up the information online and see what you can find out about the different ways to make money with this kind of thing.

The best printer for the photo booth is the one that you do the research on. If you find out that it’s not that good after you buy it, then you may be out of luck. That’s why it’s best to just get the right thing the first time you try.

What Is A Photo Booth App?


These days, a lot of people are renting photo booths for major events. However, you can get a taste of the photo booth experience without renting anything at all. There are apps that can replicate the photo booth experience.

What are these apps all about? Here’s a quick look at what they offer.

Virtual Props

Real photo booths often have props that people can use. Photo booth apps often have virtual props. You can use the props while you are taking the photo, or you can use them after the picture has been taken.

Editing And Filters

A lot of these apps allow you to improve photos after you have taken them. You can alter these photos in a number of ways. You could use editing that can hide blemishes or get rid of red eyes. You could use filters that will smooth out your complexion.

Thanks to this, a photo booth app can help you to take some of the most flattering photos you have ever appeared in. The right app will make you look like the best version of yourself.

You Can Use Apps With Friends

You don’t have to use an app like this on your own. You can use it alongside friends. Some of these apps have props or effects that are specifically designed for more than one person to use.

If you’re hanging out with friends, why not try using a photo booth app? You’ll be able to take a fantastic picture that way.

If you want to try posing for a photo booth, why not test out a photo booth app? There are a lot of apps that are available to try for free. If you test out one of these apps, you’ll be able to see why so many of these people find these apps so appealing.

Choosing A Wheelchair Seat Cushion


It is a detail that can not be overlooked. A wheelchair’s overall comfort is dictated by the seat cushion. The proper seat cushion provides relief from pressure and helps a person position him or herself in such a way that fatigue is reduced and posture is protected along the spine.

When you go to choose a seat cushion choose it based on the level of comfort it provides, the ability of the cushion to provide pressure management, and its ability to allow proper seating stability. There are several different kinds of cushions to choose from and they each offer varying degrees of support and comfort.

In general, you can choose from foam, gel or air cushions. Each has its advantages and disadvantages so it is important to test each type out before settling on the one for your wheelchair.

Foam cushions are the most affordable types. They usually have a single-density form which means that they do not offer a variation on firmness. These are best for anyone who wants to spend less money on the chair. If it will only be used for a short time, this may be a good cushion to choose. It offers a stable seating position, and it is easy to maintain.

Also, before we forget to address it. Make sure you address other problems with sitting and posture.

Many people report having issues with shaking and trembling in their bodies when sitting for long periods. It is a supplement which may help improve your body’s chemistry and in turn alleviate shaking.

If you require more advanced positioning and greater pressure relief, you will want to opt for a gel cushion. These cushions have contoured based and can offer greater pressure relief and more ways to position them to offer greater comfort. These are also low-cost cushions.

Air cushions are your next option. These are more expensive. However, they have the ability to be adjusted as to the cushion’s firmness. These cushions are the best for relieving pressure and offering the most comfort and seating stability. They do require maintenance from time to time.

Whichever seat cushion you choose, be aware that all types will need to be replaced after about two or three years. Make sure to choose a cushion that measures exactly the same size as the wheelchair’s seat. Remember that the thicker a cushion is the less room a person will have when seated in the chair to fit under desks or tables comfortably.

Maintenance for the foam and gel cushions is minimal, but you will want to inspect these cushions regularly to make sure there is no damage. If there is, these will need to be replaced.

Recent Incidents Of Illegal Drone Use

In recent months, police in the Washington D.C. area have investigated numerous instances of illegal drone flights. Many of these occurred within very sensitive or secure location within the D.C. Metro area. Each of these drone flights was unauthorized, including a drone spotted in close proximity to FedEX Field where the Washington Redskins play. Stadium staffers observed a drone flying outside the stadium right before kickoff between the Redskins and the Seattle Seahawks.
Another illegal drone incident occurred on the Capitol Grounds and was investigated by the U.S. Capitol Police. An individual was spotted flying a drone near the Capitol and was detained briefly. Another drone incident occurred at D.C.’s Freedom Plaza where U.S. Park Police detained a man pulled from a tree near the plaza. Both police and FAA reports indicated the drone had crashed into the tree and the man had climbed the tree to retrieve the craft.
Other recent incidents include close calls with drones near Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Reagan National Airport, and Dulles International Airport. Late last summer an aircraft pilot reported a drone passing within 400 feet of his private aircraft just outside Reagan National. Earlier in the summer, airline pilots reported a drone flying within 100 feet of a United Airlines flight, again just outside airport grounds.
While the FAA is working energetically to control these drone aircraft, it is challenging considering how fast drone popularity has grown. Most illegal drone instances do not seem to have any dangerous or malicious intent. An incident where a Russian native was operating a drone near the Lincoln Memorial found that the operator was not familiar with the FAA rules which ban drone flights inside the city limits of Washington D.C.
There are those outside the FAA who believe there is no need for so many new restrictions on drone operations. These individuals believe flying drones on private property should not be controlled by the FAA as long as they do not fly near aircraft or towers.
As part of this trend of flying drones on private property, real estate agents are starting to use drones to film aerial tours and views of homes, commercial properties, and land for sale. The FAA is not happy with this new drone use, saying flying drones for commercial purposes is against FAA regulations.
The agriculture, journalism, and filmmaking industries have used drones for many years and often push the legal limits. Realtors are the latest businesses to join the ranks of drone operators using drones to enhance their capacity. For many years, real estate agents have used images, including satellite images to improve their online listings. Using drones is a new tool in their toolbox and allows realtors to film different views of their available properties.
Most drone operators welcome the FAA’s attempts to address the privacy and safety concerns. There are still questions to be answered, including whether or not operators should be licensed or even trained and where drones can be legally flown. Will regulations be required to prevent someone from using a drone to film in someone’s backyard or their window? These are important factors which will have to be decided soon.

Back And Reloaded With Heart-Stopping Aerial Photos Of Your Wedding


I was sitting in a restaurant eating dinner with my spouse the day before Valentine’s day and to my right was an old photo. There on the wall was a brown and white picture of a few men standing around a crashed train. The caption below explained that this was taken back in the 20’s when a railway ran right through the middle of town. And just like streets and highways we have today, a crash had occurred.

This got me to thinking about how amazing the day in age we’re living in really is. I mean I’m now integrating new and awesome aerial footage. This technology was just science fiction back when that picture was taken.

I also wanted to drop a line on here just in case anybody was interested in trying it out. Would you like to be my new guinea pig? Want to get awesome images of your big day? Drop me a message on FB and let me know.